Thursday, April 29, 2010

Theory: Creative types = good liars?

So ... I've mulled over this theory for awhile, but never really wanted to say it out loud because then the inevitable question becomes: Why would you think that? Are *you* a good liar?

Absolutely ... not. I do not lie. I would never. Really, I like to think of myself as an embellisher. Because some things are just asking to be embellished. It's just like that ratty old T-shirt that you love ... put a little puffy paint and bedazzle on that baby and it's better than ever! No one will even notice the holes.

Let's take Scenario #1: Embellishing, cuz it needed it. Read on, you'll see.

I recently posted this on FB

Truth: That particular morning it was just two guys. Four sounds better, thought right? And to be fair, there usually are four of them doing this and they seem to get all the other "lifters" involved if there are any who dare to lift weights alone ... I'm sure more of them arrived shortly after I left the gym, having ran my 5 miles for day. OK, it was 2. Two miles. OK, 1.5. Really, that's the truth.

Scenario #2: Not a good liar.

Hubs: Is something wrong?
Me: No. I'm just tired.
Hubs: I don't buy it. What did I do?
Me: Nothing. Seriously.
Hubs: Then what's with the face.
Me: What face?
Hubs: The something-is-wrong face.
Me: What ... this face?

So, question. Questions, rather. 1. Are you a creative type? 2. Do you embellish? 3. Can you lie?


  1. I don't lie so much as take shortcuts. Like the time Sharon called the missionaries and said she was Kristen and she was canceling her appointment with them. It was faster than explaining that she was Kristen's roommate, and Kristen had already left, and Kristen wanted Sharon to call and cancel the appointment for her. Same information, half the words. :)

  2. p.s. I saw on Dr. Phil yesterday that when people are more emphatic, they are usually lying. An honest person is more likely to say, "I don't lie." A dishonest person is more likely to say "I do not lie." Just thought I'd point that out.

  3. I'm a horrible liar, but an incredibly creative embellisher. I think most of us know that when it sounds incredibly creative, it's not perfectly true. Or I'm an incredibly good liar which makes it obvious that I am in fact, lying and that makes me a bad liar. What's the definition of a good lie? I'm thinking if it's believable, than it's a good lie. In that case, no one ever believes anything I say, and for good reason. So, I am a bad liar. But, ask for an entertaining story and I've got that covered.
    Very thought provoking, Sara! Love the something-is-wrong-face!

  4. I embellish a lot, and I tend to be sarcastic, which I never considered lying until Emily Wing Smith kept calling me a liar. Since then, I've tried to curb my lying habits.

  5. Kim -- Are you calling me a liar? I would never call one of my friends a liar. ;)

    Elizabeth -- Thanks, Ben keeps threatening to make that photo public, so I figured I'd beat him to it.

    Brodi -- Aren't you always lying to Emily?