Monday, April 5, 2010

I hate Blogger.

Had a lovely blog all ready. Hit "Publish Post" and it evaporated right before my eyes.

Tried again. Poof.
Again ... and I get this.

Alas, it was a lovely post we lost today. Truly. About Easter and my family antics about eating sacrificial lamb. Doesn't that sound fantastic? As blogs go, really, it was awesome.

After I give blogger the silent treatment for awhile, kiss and makeup and get up the courage to wrestle my toddler to gain a few more precious minutes at the computer, you may see my attempt to recreate the beauty that was lost.

Until then, hold your breath, I just might bring down the whole system.

But know that I tried my dear readers. All three of you.
Thinking of you ...


  1. Blogger hates you. What did you do to offend it so?

  2. You're thinking of me? Thank you!

    I know, blogging sucks.

  3. I am so excited you have a blog! Can't wait to read about what is happening in your life.

  4. Um, you have four readers. I just come by a little late, that's all.