Monday, February 15, 2010

Canada's curse backfires, gives me the finger

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Ours was splendid -- complete with a romp at Kangaroo Zoo where my little man climbed the world's tallest slide and had nothing but a cushion of air separating him from the thrill of his life, or possible death. It was all thrills.

Then we ate something "BBQ-ey." Per husband's request.

We had to do something exciting with our day, because I've got the fevah. The Olympic Fever. The let's-sit-on-our-butts-for-hours-and-watch-the-world's-best-athletes-compete-while-we-sit-here-doing-jack-and-eat-whole-cans-of-Pringles fever. Days have gone by and I have not showered. Little man's diaper change is long over due. We are out of Pringles. But I am not left without. I have learned things! Important things!!

This is what I've learned:

  • My writing will suffer in February. Badly. BFF Kim has a fantastic excuse: One of the characters in her manuscript is involved in one of these fantastics snowy sports. I have ... no such excuse.
  • Vancouver has sucky snow conditions -- I can tell you all about the crystal formations, the fog, the slush, and the shade brigade.
  • Figure skating is so much more entertaining when someone lands on their butt.

  • If you watch the entire moguls competitions, see Hannah Kearney win gold, cheer her onand not feel all that bad for besting Canada, and then fast forward through all the figure skating drama so you can see the podium ceremony (I mean really, what's better than hearing the anthem and seeing the flag raise? And yes, I get a little weepy. Patriotism people. Patriotism.), if you do all this, Canada will get the last laugh and give you the finger when your DVR recording cuts off right after you hear Bob at his most dramatic, "And now the Star Spangled Banner ... " Bing. Recording ended. Delete?
WTF?! Seriously? Oh phew. DVR is on it. We've recorded the program after the Olympics.

Select. Play. Here it comes!!

"And there you have it. Hannah Kearney wins gold in Vancouver."

Um ... what? Where's the close up on the flag? Where's the shot of the family crying? Where are the hands over their hearts, Hannah singing along for the "home of the brave?"

60 second lag time. 60 SECOND LAG TIME?!?!?! "THE" 60 sec lag time. Thank you very much, you suck and I got nothing. Just a big ole up yours, in your face camel cake, double finger from Vancouver.

Well curse on you Canada. Alex was great and totally deserved his gold, but curses anyhow!

I hate you DVR.

You are not my friend. Until tomorrow ... whenIneedyoutowatchmoreOlympiccoverage.
Love you!


  1. I admit, I am so addicted. Not only that, but hubby bought a 12-pack of Vault, and I had no idea it contained so much caffeine. So, I'll probably be up for a few more hours, watching.

  2. Ha! That totally made me laugh (and almost squirt water from my nose). I can relate. We let Jessi stay up to watch the opening ceremonies, but had to pause for a looooong time because the Dish Guy (who wouldn't leave) was fixing the cable box. Finally, we got to play it and oohed & aahhed over it all, and just as they were waiting to light the giant campfire thingy with the torches, after technical difficulties, our DVR cut off too. Aaaarrrrgghhh! We got it back but the big moment had passed. Stupid Dish Network DVR.

    It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  3. Brodi -- we have Mountain Dew Voltage here. Who knew that stuff was so good?!

    Sher -- Ahh! Seriously, what's with DVR cutting off our big moments? Although they also had their little fizzle with the torch not working, but they've made up for it by showing the "second" torch lighting like 17 times!

  4. Sara, I found your blog from your comment on mine. I had to laugh in your 25 things list because I totally remember your obsession with your pillow! And your Raptor noises. And that you suck on your lip. And I too am addicted to the Olympics. Watching them as we speak. Or rather type I guess! Good to "find" you in blog land. If you want to see my family blog, send me your email so I can invite you.

  5. Yes, the Olympics are totally interfering with my deadline. I hate all sports, yet I am obsessed with the Olympics. Not sure how that happened.

    We've set out tivo to record an extra hour just so we don't miss any of the good stuff.