Thursday, February 4, 2010

What happens in Vegas ...

... gets blogged, texted and tweeted.

So, get ready Kim (another requester!), because here it is: VEGAS baby. Apparently, not everything stays there. And I will continue where Brodi left off, because there are a few numbers she left out.

Las Vegas by the numbers: Part #2.

Number of times I compared the Bellagio Buffet to the Wynn Buffet: 4

Number of times my husband texted to tell me I'd never actually eaten at the Wynn Buttet: 1

Number of times Brodi tried sushi: 1

Number of times Brodi gagged and spit out "veggie roll": 1

Number of dessert plates on the table at the end of our buffet rounds: 13 (they were very little plates!)
Number of times Emily was open with her nakedness: 5

Number of times Emily bocked at the suggestion of seeing Thunder Down Under due to nakedness: 6

Number of times Emily sang the theme song for her favorite penny slot: 9 ... "Catch a Wave we're sittin' on top of the World."Number of times we sang Brodi's version of "Mandy": 17 See Valynne's blog for more details.

Number of times we called Valynne "The Bux" after she exhibited mad gambling skills: 32

Number of times Valynne's mad driving skills were compared to a Vegas taxi: 2

Number of times Brodi traveled the strip standing through the moon roof: 1

Number of times we were checked out at the Craps table by men over 50: 437

Number of times Brodi gave said old men some hope by flirting back: 435

Number of times I offered to "practice my moves" on the poles in the tram: 1

Number of times there were snickers and hushed conversations in foreign languages about my moves on the tram poles: 2

Number of times we took an elevator to the wrong floor: 3

And then ... The SIX members in attendance drove home and I commenced with Part #2 of my trip: Shoe Convention with Sami. And the numbers continued.

Number of times I tried to open the wrong hotel room: 1 (Sorry 2085!)

Number of shoes I saw at WSA: 3,459,188

Number of Diet Pepsi's purchased before we found out we got them for free in the VIB lounge: 6

Number of grannies trying to touch something Australian: 4

Number of times the Australian moves made us laugh so hard we cried: 3

Pairs of Sami's glasses stolen by an Aussie: 1

And the rest ... stays in Vegas.


  1. Were the Aussies in question part of Thunder From Down Under?

    Awesome pic of Catch A Wave! I swear I searched all over Vegas for that game, to no avail.

  2. I wanted to see the picture of the Aussie! Was he wearing the stolen glasses? Did they match his leopard print speedos? Glad you guys had fun!

  3. Hey Emily, Yes ... we did indeed have a Thunder experience. Half price ticket choices were pretty slim. OK, who are we kidding, it was my 30th, Thunder was always in the running at HPT.

    I didn't find Catch a Wave, I googled for it. BUT ... there was a "Reel Em In" slot at Southpoint you would have LOVED!

    Sher-- Um, wearing is not what I would have called it. And it was not leopard, BRIGHT red. He was a fireman afterall. They had a VERY strict no pictures policy, so sadly that is not documented, but burned in my memory? Yes.

    Brodi -- Flirting, talking, making dessert plans ... it's all the same to Carmine. ;)

  4. Sher if you really need the gory details, they are, unfortunately, burned into my brain as well. And the song, "It's Raining Men" seems rather appropriate at this point.

  5. I have a hard time thinking this was really a "work trip" for you ladies. Unless you girls just know how to have all the fun! :) Sounds like a great trip. Did you come home with lots of new shoes?