Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pregnant Brain

OK, so I'm pregnant, with a giant case of the Pregnant Brain (the one up there on the left is mine), aka I forget just about everything, including the fact that I have a blog, and that it has a login.

Here are some other lessons learned as a result of my pregnant brain:
  • When eating Halloween candy, and the candy is in your right hand (wrapper in your left), it is the contents in your left hand that should go in the trash. Goodbye sweet Twix.
  • When washing one's hair, rinse is critical.
  • If you're going to the store specifically for one item, you should leave with said item and not $40 of "other stuff."
  • A bra is an important part of a public wardrobe. But not as important as my Panda fanny pack!
  • If there are two words that sound kind of similar, but with completely different meanings, chances are I will use the incorrect word, I've run the gambit on that one.
  • I have an un-potty-trained child, which means I should probably take diapers with me when spending the evening at my mother's house. Pajamas would be good too. Or maybe just move to Africa, and then I wouldn't have to worry, right? And we could put him to work making bread!

I know there are myriads more, but (here comes the shocker) I can't remember. So that's my brain, how's yours?

1 comment:

  1. I had mommy-mush-brain in the worst way while I was pregnant. I learned, however, that it is "uncool" to use that term in court, as applied to a pregnant witness whose misremembered testimony just screwed your client. Who knew?

    When are you due?